Real Estate Content Management Website

Real Estate Content Management System

Sell or rent properties with Gsite's easy to use property management system

We set up your property listing the way you want it to look and train you on how to manage it yourself.


Flexible Look

  • Every real estate company has a different look, we fit your property listing with your business' colors

Search Function

  • These days people don't have much free time and look for the quickest way they can find something, with the integrated search function with search filters such as property type, transaction type (for rent, for sale, for auction etc), town, suburb, min price - max price...

SEO (search engine optimization)

  • Gsite's property listing has search engine friendly url's and meta tag support for added SEO

Google Map

  • Our property listing content management system has built in Google maps in the frontend so listings can be configured to display on a map when searching for properties, Google street view is also included in the full property details page. As well as local surroundings such as schools, hospitals, malls etc.

Antispam Integration

  • All our forms have antispam protection built into them, so no need to worry about phony emails piling up in your inbox

Multiple Currencies

  • Flexible multi-currency support, which allows you to run your site listings with a default currency set via the EZ Realty configuration area - or multiple currencies - selected individually for the needs of the specific property listing. Such flexibility is a necessity if you sell real estate in different currencies.

RSS 2 Feeds

  • All listings have built in rss feeds so visitors to your site can subscribe to get updates on various listings

Website visitor Tools

  • Customers can save property listings to a shortlist, recommend to a friend, email and print the whole property listing details page as a pdf

Choice of image layout

  • Choose from a range of thumbnail layouts with popup previews (modal window) and slideshows

Multiple Language Support

  • A choice of various languages to choose from make your property listings user friendly to people from any country


  • A Calculator with both loan, mortgage and size conversion

Jomsocial Social Community Website Content Management System

Social Networking Content Management System

Let Gsite create you a social networking website which you can manage yourself

We use Jomsocial - The No. 1 Community Software for Joomla!

JomSocial is the most complete, easy-to-use add-on that turns the Joomla! CMS into a full-fledged, social-networking site.


Social Network

What sets JomSocial apart from the rest is its powerful Social Stream. Most stream items are highly interactive, where you may "like" or leave a comment on the content.
  • Like and comment on any stream item and a notification will be sent to original poster and everyone who has liked or left a comment on the post.
  • Filter the stream to view all activities either by the site members or just your friends.
  • Auto-update features notify the user when there is a new update in real-time.
  • The powerful stream also works within each group and events.

User Profile Management

A social networking site has to offer unique features to its members that will keep them coming back. JomSocial is easy to customize and you can bring unique features and a social environment to your site members.
  • Collect relevant data from your users, such as High School and Hometown from a basic profile, or you can ask users something more relevant to your site.
  • Advanced member-search feature. You can then let your members find each other based on various criteria.

Photo Gallery

The fun-to-use Photo Gallery will be the heart of your community.
  • Upload dozens of pictures at a time. Just drag and drop them to the upload screen and our HTML5-powered uploader will automatically queue the photos.
  • JomSocial comes with an amazing photo gallery. Each album is neatly displayed, coupled with interactive features such as a comment and like system, photo tagging, and content discovery modules.


  • We allow the user to share existing videos uploaded in other video providers such as YouTube and Vimeo as well as to upload their videos directly.
  • You may also outsource video encoding jom to Zencoder, which will offload video processing to an external server at a reasonable cost.


Easily manage your events with JomSocial's Event Manager. Set an event anywhere in the world and it'll display in Google Maps. Create your events with JomSocial so that your members are more engaged with each other. Nothing beats meeting your members face-to-face and having fun doing it!
  • Manage your members, set limits on the numbers of invitations, or even send out invitations so that they can RSVP to your event
  • Control attendance via the private event feature or even limit the number of available seats.

User Groups

Sometimes it's more engaging to communicate in a smaller circle. JomSocial Groups allow your community to interact on a more personal level. Every group will have its own photos, videos, and event sections. Plus, there are discussion board and file-sharing features for your community.
  • Set your group as public if you need to attract a crowd.
  • Or make your group private. Private groups require users to receive invitations for them to join and view its content.

Privacy Control

We take user privacy seriously and have built a robust privacy control system within JomSocial.
  • Members can limit their content access either to public, site members, or friends only.
  • The site Admin may also set the default privacy settings for everyone.

Facebook Integration

Having your own social network doesn't mean that you have to compete with the big boys such as Facebook. Instead, why not connect your community site with Facebook to get additional features? With Facebook Connect, a community member may login with the member's Facebook account, share status updates, invite Facebook friends, and publish activities to Facebook.
  • Increase signup rate with Facebook Connect.
  • Allow members to use exisiting avatars.
  • Facebook Connect users may publish their status update back to Facebook.

Virtuemart Ecommerce Content Management Websites

Virtuemart Ecommerce Content Management System

Gsite use Virtuemart as an ecommerce solution.

VirtueMart is an E-Commerce solution (a Component or Plug-in) for the Joomla! Content Management System. It can be run as a Shopping Cart, or in Catalog mode.

Virtuemart features

VirtueMart offers an extensive list of features as standard to enable shop owners to build a working shopping cart, the non-exhaustive list is below:

Please note that you can extend your VirtueMart shop using Plugins, Components, Templates and Modules!

Based on Joomla MVC framework with all its advantage:

  • Template overwritting,
  • Implementation of Joomla Plugins for: payment, shipment, coupons, calculation rules, custom product fields, ...
  • Simple installation and integration of other joomla extensions.


  • Nested categories
  • With meta tags for seo
  • With description and media


  • With meta tags for seo
  • Short and long description
  • Dimensions (weight, size)
  • Multiple media
  • Variants, attributes
  • Unlimited child products and derivated levels
  • Product pattern (Parent product used as pattern for child products)
  • Related products
  • Reviews and ratings


  • Pricing depending by shoppergroups
  • Price display depending by shoppergroups
  • Payment/shipment depending by shoppergroups


  • Customizable shopper input form
  • Input form depended on registration, checkout or shipment
  • Completly anonymous checkout
  • Adressbook
  • Default Bill-to and Ship-to address
  • Default payment and shipment method


  • Stocking/inventory
  • Stock warning
  • Virtual stock (ordered but not finally bought)


  • Various type of prices to display depended by shoppergroup
  • Prices adjusted by shopper choosen currency
  • Different currency format per currency


  • Auto updating rates
  • Add your own currencies for fixed currency rates


  • Default SEF/SEO integrated


  • Ddiscounts based on time, category, shoppergroup, country, and state
  • Tax based on time, category, shoppergroup, country, and state
  • Discounts, tax per product and/or order
  • Discounts, tax have their own currencies (for duties)


  • Based on plugins
  • Minimal amount / maximal amount to use a payment
  • Transaction fees
  • By countries
  • By shopper groups
  • Paypal, SystemPay, Payzen, Klarna, Cash on delivery included


  • Based on plugins
  • By shopper groups
  • By countries
  • Based on weigth, zip, countries, number of articles, order amount


  • Guest checkout; completly anonymous checkout
  • Option to register at begin of checkout
  • Cart is an object, competly overridable by template
  • Cart is stored in the session
  • 1 click checkout
  • Multipage checkout
  • One page checkout (not by default)
  • SSL


  • Payment/shipment workflow
  • History
  • Modifiable
  • Order tracking for anonymous users


  • Latest
  • Topten (most sold)
  • Newest
  • Featured
  • Sortable
  • Searchable


  • Native with joomla 2.5
  • With extra joomla components (joomfish) for joomla 1.5


  • Coupon handling
  • Recommend a product to friend link


  • Hidden debugging tool

Examples Of Sites Using Virtuemart