Yoav Music

Born in Israel and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Yoav’s parents favored classical and traditional music, encouraging their son towards those genres. Nevertheless, at the age of nine, Yoav began sneaking off to the neighbors to soak up the hits of British radio acts. By twelve, while his family slept, he was in the backyard practicing quietly on a battered guitar his older brother had given him.

With the launch of his new album "Blood Vine" Yoav was looking to update his web presence as well. We met up and discusses different templates for his new look and finally decided on a look that gave it depeche mode type of feel integrating it with his new album colors.

Yoav wanted to share some of his music tracks and videos on the site as well as have a newsletter sign up.

For the music tracks and videos Gsite decided on using the powerful Joomla K2 component which extends the Joomla backend functionality making the site easy and quick to update.

Joomla Music Manager Component

Yoav needed a way to post his events so Gsite decided on using the Joomla Google Calender Component. With this component Yoav can easily post when his next show will happen from the comfort of his Google Mail client.

Joomla Event Calender Component

Components Used:
  • Joomla Music Manager Component
  • Joomla Event Manager Component
  • Joomla Gallery Component