Social Media

At Gsite we know that the readers of your website are the most important promoters. That is why we implement Social widgets such as Facebook like, facebook share, Comment via Facebook, Google +, Twitter tweets, Linkedin and Youtube.

Gsite will also create your Facebook page, Google + profile and Youtube profille to advertise your company on social platforms.

If people like your content, they will share it with their networks which will drive more traffic to your website.

Examples of Socail Media Gsite uses:

Joomla Facebook Comments Plugin :

Allows readers to comment on your article via Facebook

Click to enlarge Joomla Facebook Social media Plugin

Joomla Social Share:

Allows readers to share the page to their social platform

Click to enlarge Joomla Facebook like box Plugin

Joomla Facebook Like Box:

Allows readers to like your Facebook page and subscribes them to you Facebook News Feed

Click to enlarge Joomla Facebook like box Plugin